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Penrite Universal Coolant Top Up Premix 1L


Universal Coolant Top Up is suitable for the cooling systems of all types of passenger vehicles, 4WD’s, light & heavy commercial vehicles, stationary engines and motorcycles. It can be used to top up both Organic Acid Technology (OAT) & Hybrid Type A anti-freeze/anti boil coolants as well as Type B inhibitor only solutions. It is safe to use wherever anti-freeze / anti-boil / anti-corrosion properties are required and with all fuel types such as petrol, LPG, dual fuel, light & heavy duty diesel. Universal Coolant Top Up is yellow and will not discolour existing coolant if not mixed at greater than 10% of system capacity. There is no limitation on the amount of Universal Coolant Top Up used in the cooling system and it can be mixed with all coolant types regardless of colour. It is pre-diluted at a 50% concentration with demineralised water making the product ready to use right out of the bottle.

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Manufacturer Specifications •AS2108-2004 Type A, ASTM D3306/4985 •Bentley, BS 6580, Caterpillar EC-1, Cummins 85T8-2/CESMG03 •Chrysler MS-9769, Deutz AG 0199-99-1115/2091 •Federal Standard O-A-548D, Fiat 955523/NC 956-16 •Ford M97-B44A/B44D/51A, German Army TL6850-0038/1 •GM 6277M/1825M/1899M, Holden HN2217/HN2043 •Jaguar M97-B44D, Jenbacher TA 1000-0201 •JI Case JIC 501, JIS K2234 (Japan), JCB STD 0088 •JASO M325 (Japan), John Deere JDM H24 •Komatsu KES 07.892, Komatsu KES 07.892, KSM 2142 (Korea) •Leyland BLS.22.AF.01, Liebherr MD 1-36-130, Mack 014 GS 17009 •Mercedes MB 325.3/326.0/326.3 (Premix Only), Navistar B1 Type III •Mitsubishi ES-X64217, MTU MTL 5048, Renault 41-01-001Q Type D •Nissan NES M5059, Opel B 040 1065, QL 13D100, SAE J1034 •Rover BLS.22.AF.01, SAAB GM6277, TMC RP329 •Scania T1.02-98 0813, Toyota Long Life TSK2601G, UNE 26.361.88 •Vauxhall B 040 1065, Volvo VCS, VW, Skoda, Seat TL-774-C (G11) •VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini TL 774-D/F (G12/G12+)

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