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Gulf Western Outboard Marine 2 Stroke 4L


OUTBOARD TC-W3 is an ash less, high performance synthetic two stroke engine oil designed for use in water cooled outboard engines including oil injected engines. OUTBOARD TC-W3 will minimise spark plug fouling and is a low smoke formulation. Suitable for everyday boating and for high performance outboard engines. Dyed blue for identification.

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Outboard Two Stroke Oil is a high performance synthetic ashless engine oil for use in most water-cooled two stroke outboard motors. This product is formulated
for use in oil injected and pre-mix systems. It is approved by the National Manufacturers Association (NMMA) for service TC-W3.
Blending Guide: To make a 50:1 pre-mix (as used by most outboard engines) add 100 mls of Premium Outboard Oil to 5 litres of petrol. Refer to manufacturer
recommendation for correct pre mix ratio.

• Suitable for TC-W3 and TC-W2 requirements
• Ashless formulation for superior piston, port and plug cleanliness
• Self-mixing with leaded and unleaded petrol
• Formulated using synthetic and conventional mineral oils to give excellent protection against
engine wear
• Gel resistant formulation reduces the likelihood of fuel filter or oil filter blockage and subsequent
engine damage


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 15 cm


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