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Caltex Mine Grease Premium 2 20kg


Discontinued Product. Remaining Stock Is All That’s Available.

Caltex Mine Grease Premium 20kg

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Discontinued Product. Remaining Stock Is All That’s Available.

A lithium complex grease formulated with high viscosity base oils, EP additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors and molybdenum disulfide. Strong tackiness promotes good adherence. Designed for slow to medium speed bearings. Suitable for heavy-duty industrial, mining, construction and agricultural equipment, particularly where high loads and shock loads are encountered.


• Mining, earthmoving and quarrying

• Construction equipment

• Agricultural equipment

• Centralized lubrication systems

• Heavy-duty industrial greasing

• Industrial plain and rolling element bearings Usable temperature range in continuous service is -20 to 130°C Maximum temperature for short-term exposure is 220°C.



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