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Caltex Havoline Super 2T 4L


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Havoline Super 2T

Two‐Stroke Motorcycle And Small Engine Oil

Two-stroke motorcycle oil that protects vital engine parts. It is formulated with a special low ash additive system and designed for engines requiring JASO FC or ISO EGC performance lubricants, including high output machines operating in severe service.


  • Air and liquid-cooled two-stroke motorcycle engines.
  • Particularly suitable for Japanese high-performance motorcycle engines.
  • Japanese two-stroke engines fitted to portable power equipment.
  • Oil-injected engines (except marine outboard) where no fuel/oil premixing is required.
  • Air-cooled, oil-petrol premix engines at manufacturers’ recommended petrol-to-oil ratios up to 50:1.
  • Two-stroke motorcycle, motor tricycle and quad bike engines fitted with exhaust catalysts.
  • Based on successful field testing in Stihl MS660 chainsaws in severe duty forestry applications in New Zealand, this product is recommended for use in all Stihl chainsaws. If used in other chainsaw models, monitoring is recommended.
    Not recommended for use in marine outboard engines or gas-fuelled (CNG or LPG) engines.

Performance Standards

  • API TC
  • JASO FC (Identification Number: 061CTC684
  • SAE Grade (J1536) F/M 2

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