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SCA Brake And Parts Cleaner 400g



  • Large 400g aerosol can sprays a strong jet for great cleaning power
  • Quickly and easily removes contaminants such as brake dust, oil and grease
  • Dries fast and leaves no residue therefore reducing disc brake squeal and improving bedding procedures
  • Improved formula has no flash point, reducing flammability and improving safety during use


SCA Brake and Parts Cleaner is ideal for the removal of brake fluid, oil, brake dust and many other contaminants from brake drums, rotors, pads, mechanical parts and more. After installation of new brake components it’s best to clean the assembly thoroughly before installing the wheels and beginning bed-in procedures; this ensures an even bedding in and reduces brake squeal. SCA Brake and Parts Cleaner is formulated to be quick drying and leaves no residue. The aerosol can nozzle design creates a strong jet of fluid. enabling touch-free cleaning, even in hard to reach places.

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