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SCA 12V 400 Amp Jumper Leads


Name: Specification:
Construction: Copper / Aluminium
Voltage: 12V
Amperage: 400 Amps
Length: 3.0m
Protections: Surge
Suitability: Petrol engines up to 3.5L (3500cc) / Diesel engines up to 3.0L (3000cc)
Warranty: 12 months



  • Suitable for 4 and 6 cylinder petrol engines up to 3.5L (3500cc), and diesel engines up to 3L (3000cc)
  • Built-in surge guard protects vehicle electronics and engine management systems
  • Insulated copper/aluminium cables for quality and durability
  • 3m long to make sure you’ve got the reach when you need it
  • Handy plastic carry case for neat and tidy storage at home or in the boot

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Weight 5 kg