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Puma HD Drive Train 50 20L

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Heavy Duty Transmission & Hydraulic Oil
Puma HD Drive Train oils are special lubricants suitable for use in Caterpillar,
Komatsu and other heavy industrial machines. It is to be used for the lubrication of
power shift, direct drive transmissions, final drives, differentials, winches, clutch
plates, gears and bearings.

Anti-wear Protection
Oxidation Resistance
Anti-foam Performance
Frictional Performance

Puma HD Drive Train
Meets the requirements of the following specifications:
• Caterpillar : TO2, TO-4
• ALLISON C-4, TES-439
• API : GL-4
• KOMATSU KES 07.868.1
• EATON M2950S, 1-280-S
• ZF TE- ML 03C,07D,07F

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm