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Penrite Lifter & Tappet Fix 375ml

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Lifter and Tappet Fix is a professional oil additive that cleans and releases sticking hydraulic lifters and quietens noisy engines. It uses the latest additive technology to remove sludge and varnish deposits that can cause tappet and valve train noise in all types of four-stroke engines.


Lifter and Tappet Fix is suitable for all types of reciprocating internal combustion engines. It may be used in both petrol and diesel engines with pushrod or overhead camshaft configurations to ease lifter and cam follower noise.

It is not suitable for Rotary engines or two-stroke engines.

Lifter and Tappet Fix can be left in engines until the engine oil is due for changing. It is engineered to remove varnish, sludge and other engine deposits that cause hydraulic lifters to stick and not function correctly that can create excessive valve train noise over a normal running engine. It also removes deposits on roller lifters and rockers allowing them to move freely reducing noise and abrasive wear.

375ml treats up to 6.0 litres of oil.

  1. Warm-up the engine to normal operating temperature and turn the engine off
  2. Pour correct dosage of Lifter and Tappet Fix into the engine via the oil filler and replace the cap
  3. Restart the engine and drive to circulate the Lifter and Tappet Fix
  4. If noise is still present one week or 500kms following the above steps, the engine may need mechanical repairs


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