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Penrite Engine Oil Stop Leak 375ml

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Engine Stop Leak has been specifically formulated to control engine oil leaks due to deteriorated or worn seals and gaskets including the rear main seal. It provides a temporary seal to prevent loss of lubricating fluid and possible engine seizure or failure resulting in costly repairs.


Engine Stop Leak is suitable for use in all petrol, dieselLPG, and dual fuel engines. Suitable for passenger cars, 4WD’s. motorcycles, light commercial vehicles and stationary engines. It is compatible and will readily mix with MineralSemi Synthetic and Full Synthetic engine oils.

Engine Stop Leak is safe to use with all metal types including Cast Iron, Aluminium & Magnesium.

Engine Stop Leak gently revitalises worn and deteriorated gaskets and seals to prevent leaks.

  • Add one bottle (375ml) to the engine through the oil filler point.
  • One bottle treats up to 6 litres of engine oil.
  • Use regularly at every oil change for maximum benefit

NOTE: Engine Stop Leak is NOT RECOMMENDED for VVTI petrol engines, diesel engines with oil operated injector pumps.

Engine Stop Leak is designed as a temporary repair and does not replace the need for mechanical repairs. If leaks are still evident after use, replacement or repair of faulty parts may be required.

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