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Penrite Convoy DPF Cleaner 1L

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Convoy DPF Cleaner is a diesel fuel additive specifically formulated to improve the operation and reduce maintenance of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) and emission control systems in heavy duty diesel applications. It is formulated to be soluble and stable in diesel fuels where it acts as a catalyst during regeneration of the DPF. It Initiates passive regeneration (soot oxidation) at lower temperatures preventing DPF blockages from high soot loading. It reduces engine particle matter by improving diesel fuel combustion, increasing engine efficiency and lowering fuel consumption.


Convoy DPF Cleaner is designed for Light & Heavy Duty diesel fuelled commercial vehicles such as trucks , buses, tractors and other machinery fitted with a diesel particulate filter. It is Ideal for stop/start delivery vehicles to prevent DPF blockages, unscheduled maintenance and downtime.

  • Add to tank prior to filling with fuel.
  • 1L treats 200 litres of diesel fuel
  • Long haul 250 hours or 20,000km/every engine service interval.
  • Short-haul every 5,000km or engine service interval.
  • For severe blockages use more frequently until the blockage is cleared and DPF can regenerate correctly.

If your vehicle is fitted with a “Capless” Fuel Filler system, we recommend using the vehicle’s emergency fuel filling funnel when adding this product to the fuel tank.

PLEASE NOTE –It is also NOT suitable for use in Peugeot and Citroen vehicles as a replacement for the fluid used in their electronically controlled fuel additive dosing systems.


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