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Lightning Quick Rags 30 Pack

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Quick Rag are clean, soft and re-usable microfibre cloths for use where a clean, dry and non-scratch cloth is needed for spills, wipe ups and many other tasks.


Quick Rag come in a box of 30 separate 30cm x 30cm sized pieces and can be used for tasks such as – vehicle polishing, window cleaning, wiping hands, wiping spills, general cleaning and just about any use where a normal cloth rag was once used. They are an excellent choice for cleaning eyeglasses without chemicals and for buffing automotive waxes off vehicles.

Quick Rag are a made from soft microfibre so will not scratch surfaces where they are used. The convenient tissue like box, holds 30 individual cloths and are far more convenient than trying to locate a dry, clean and soft rag in a workshop or other commercial establishment.

Quick Rag are washable and can be used again and again for just about any cleaning or polishing job. They can be used wet or dry, with or without chemicals. Highly water-absorbent, they can absorb many times their weight. They have no hard edges, buttons or seems to remove the potential for scratching when polishing or cleaning.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 16 × 9 cm