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GV Oil Hydraulic Fluid ISO 46 20L


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Improved equipment life and decreased downtime due to superior wear and corrosion protection
Enhanced chemical and thermal stability provide long fluid life and permit higher operating temperatures
Excellent air release and antifoam properties to prevent cavitation and oxidation
Excellent filterability even when contaminated, thereby preventing filter blockages. This saves filter replacement costs and down time

GV Oils ISO VG 46 Hydraulic Fluid is a great hydraulic fluid for all machines and equipment that require an ISO 46 specification. GV Hydraulic fluid is a highly refined range that is formulated using mineral base oils and zinc anti-wear additives. With quality and performance in mind, this hydraulic fluid is designed to suit a wide variety of stationary, mobile, and industrial machinery and equipment. The advanced chemical and thermal stability technology provides longevity and permits higher operating temperatures so whether you are operating in town, in the bush or the middle of the outback, GV hydraulic fluid will keep your machine running! Anti-foam, anti-rust, and anti-oxidisation inhibitors prevents cavitation and oxidation in your machine’s moving parts saving you from costly and time-consuming repairs. It is designed to protect your machine – from excavators, shovel, tractors, and pumps, to mowers and forklifts – and keep it running at its peak for longer. GV Hydraulic oil provides excellent filterability even when contaminated, thereby preventing filter blockages and keeping downtime to a minimum. This high-performance hydraulic fluid comes in a convenient 5L, 10L and 20L container and a range of ISO 32, 46 and 68 specifications. Packaged with an easy-pour funnel/spout for any situation. GV Hydraulic fluids is suitable for a range of manufacturers from Kubota to Hitachi. GV Oils Hydraulic fluid is made in Australia for Australian climates and conditions.

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