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Ampol Molygrease HD 2 450g Grease Cartridge


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Molygrease HD 2 is a high quality, NLGI grade 2, multipurpose, lithium based grease. It is formulated with high viscosity base oils and
fortified with extreme pressure additives and 3% molybdenum disulfide to provide protection where high and shock loads are
encountered, especially in heavy mining, industrial and agricultural equipment.
Molygrease HD 2 resists oxidation and corrosion and has good mechanical and thermal stability together with good water resistance
and pumpability.

• Heavy duty mining equipment including excavators, hydraulic shovels, rope shovels, draglines, haul trucks, loaders and dozers.
• Heavy duty mining, industrial, agricultural, and automotive equipment particularly where high loads and shock loads are
• Slower speed, heavily loaded bearings in industrial applications such as sugar mills, roll mills and crushers.
• Wheel bearings, anti-friction bearings, linkages, pins, bushes, turntables, chassis, shackle joints, universal joints, ball joints and
other applications in mining, agricultural and construction equipment such as tractors, scrapers, loaders, shovels and off-highway
Useable temperature range in continuous service is -20 to 120°C.
Maximum temperature for short-term exposure is 160°C.

• Saves on heavy-duty maintenance
Effective EP additive and molybdenum disulfide solid film lubricant protect against component wear under high load conditions
and/or shock loading. Rust and corrosion inhibitors protect metal surfaces in wet operating conditions. Good pumpability
promotes equipment protection at cold temperatures. High base fluid viscosity aids lubrication at low speeds.
• Solid film lubrication
Molybdenum disulfide component plates out and resists wiping from lubricated surfaces, providing a solid lubricating film that
reduces wear and friction.
• Reduced inventory
Multipurpose capability allows use in a wide range of heavy-duty mining and industrial applications, reducing the number of
different greases required and reducing product misapplication.
• Lubrication in dusty or wet conditions
Heavy base oil minimises leakage and fling off and provides superior adhesion. Resists water washing and continues to provide
effective lubrication in dusty or wet conditions.

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