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Amplify Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 300ml


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Amplify Petrol Fuel System Cleaner is a single use, concentrate of Ampol’s proprietary, multipurpose performance additive
used to improve the quality of gasoline. Ampol Amplify Petrol Fuel System Cleaner contains a deposit control additive,
friction modifier, corrosion inhibitor and demulsifier. The product is a blend of PIB-monoamine and polyether compounds
and synthetic carrier solvents.

When dispersed into the fuel tank, Amplify Petrol Fuel System Cleaner will provide petrol with the following performance
• Efficiently controls and removes vehicle intake system deposits
• Contains a very effective friction modifier which reduces friction in the engine and helps to further reduce fuel
• Contains a very effective corrosion inhibitor which protects tanks and fuel lines against corrosion
• Includes a demulsifier that provides optimum water phase separation in storage tanks
• Potential reduction in fuel consumption (depending on vehicles and road conditions)


Ampol Amplify Petrol Fuel System Cleaner is for use in spark ignition engines designed to use unleaded petrol.


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