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Regular Car Maintenance

Breaking Down the Complexities of Regular Car Maintenance

No matter what car you drive, from Jeep to jalopy, from Spyder or Sirion, getting your vehicle serviced on a regular basis is important. Pre-planned visits to your mechanic mean peace of mind and trouble free driving.

The last thing you want to have to deal with is a breakdown just when you have an urgent meeting to attend to or a flight to catch. As many car owners will attest, breakdowns always happen at the ‘wrong time’. Of course the million dollar question is, is there ever a ‘right time’ for a car to break down?

Regular maintenance can do lots to minimize such inopportune inconveniences. Simply treating your car to just the right amount of attention at regular intervals can prevent problems arising.

Here are some basic pointers that should be followed:

Maintain Vehicle Fluids at Recommended Levels

Maintaining all vehicle fluids at prescribed levels is an important part of car maintenance. This includes:

  • Motor oil keeps all the moving parts of the engine lubricated. Without it the engine would seize up. Car parts tend to heat up very fast and the coolant helps in keeping the cylinder heads and engine block cool. Over-heating can ruin an engine. When it is time for a change, it is important to have the old coolant flushed out first before replacing.
  • Transmission fluid aids in the smooth forward and backward movement of the car and the brake system would just not work without it.
  • Anti-freeze solution is essential for cold weather areas to stop fluids freezing up.
  • Rear end oil helps in the free movement of the axle. When it comes to fluids and fuel, it’s not just the levels that are important. How long they’ve been in your car is important as well. The constant heat that the running car engine generates leads to a breakdown of the engine oil and it will have to be drained out and replenished at regular intervals of time. The suspension parts have to be greased regularly as well.
  • Power steering liquid helps in maintaining the fluidity of the steering wheel.
  • Brake fluid. Well if the brakes don’t work….

Use the Right Type of Air Filters

Use mesh instead of paper air filters. The increased air flow provided by the mesh filters will results in better acceleration, providing you with better horsepower.

These minor but critical parts of your car tend to get ignored right up until the time that they get clogged up and stop working altogether. Clogged air filters can contaminate the fuel and choke or slow the engine down.

Check Tyre Pressure Regularly

Checking the tyre pressure from time to time is vital. Make it a habit to check it every time you go to fill gas and preferably check them at the start of a trip when the tyres are still cold.

Every car manufacturer displays the required tyre pressure in a prominent position on the inside of your car and it is important that you keep close to their recommendations.

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure leads to reduced fuel consumption and is important in the maintenance of wheel alignment as well. Failing to maintain the correct tyre pressure can affect the steering, suspension and shock absorption of the car and reduce ride quality and handling quite markedly.

Cleanliness Helps Too

A clean car not only looks good but the upholstery and the paintwork will last longer as well. Vacuum the inside of the car regularly and wash and wax the exterior at frequent intervals. A clean and good looking car can fetch you a better price when you decide to sell it.

Other Areas

Apart from the major aspects mentioned above you should also pay attention to:

  • Windshield wiper blades
  • Air-conditioning
  • Rubber trims
  • Belts and hoses

All of these parts need to be regularly checked so they can be either serviced or replaced as required.

Get Your Car Serviced On Schedule

All cars have specific servicing schedules. Irrespective of how busy your work schedule is make it a point to take your car to the company service station or to a reliable, licenced mechanic and get your car serviced on time. This will prevent complications and extensive repairs and save you a lot of unnecessary expense

Every car come with an owner’s manual, which lists not just the maintenance schedules but specifications about the parts and fuel that needs to be used. Heeding these recommendations will help you keep your car trouble free longer.

The minute you notice a wobble, hear a rattle or feel the car behaving differently, have it checked out and attended to without any delay. When it comes to vehicles, regular maintenance is the key to safe and trouble-free driving.

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