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Mechanical Repairs

So here is the situation. Your car hasn’t been running quite so well so you took it to your local mechanic to “check it out” and spent the next four hours waiting for the axe to fall. Later that day the phone rings and it is the call you have waiting for.

A sombre voice on the other end that sounds like it should be coming from a funeral home says “G’day, I’ve looked at your car” and pauses…you hold your breath. “The brakes are fine. It was just the mat bunching up under the pedal causing that ‘soft’ feeling. Come get your car when you are ready. No charge.”

Unfortunately, this sort of good news from your mechanic is rare. The conversation is much more likely to start with “Well, I hope you have your cheque book handy” or “Are you sitting down?” So what are the best things for you in this bad situation?

There are two things that are really important right now. The first is that the mechanic working on your motor vehicle is an experienced, qualified mechanic with up-to-date knowledge on vehicle maintenance and repairs.

The second is preventative maintenance. Regular servicing will prevent a lot of those niggling little problems from turning into the need to re-mortgage the house or trade the car in on a new model.

From the most modern and sophisticated vehicle through to older models, and from the most minor repairs to the most major overhauls, we have the equipment and technicians to service and repair any vehicle.

At Caltex Sorell our friendly and experienced technicians are all fully trained diagnostic professionals and our workshop is fitted with the latest equipment, so there’s not much we can’t handle.

We can provide regular servicing on all makes and models, including log book and warranty servicing on new cars so you will no longer have to “travel to the city” to get that work done.

We are committed to providing you with quality mechanical repairs on time and on budget, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

With this in mind we guarantee all our work. If the work we do is, for some reason, not up to standard, we will fix it again…for free.

And, for your convenience, we’re also open on Saturdays!