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Caltex Sorell proudly stock the Bosch range of automotive batteries.

Bosch, established in 1927, is a name synonymous with top quality and reliable service with every product they manufacture.

Their car batteries are no exception with one of their major advantages being  that they are 100% maintenance free.  There is no need to maintain the water level in a Bosch battery.  It is fully sealed and guaranteed to give top performance for the life of the battery.

Bosch are at the forefront of providing a reliable power source for the growing requirements of the modern motor vehicle.  With electric windows, air conditioning, automated braking systems, sound systems, air bags, not to mention onboard computers and electrical components for the engine itself, it is of utmost importance that the power source be reliable. Bosch delivers on all fronts.

When you get your car serviced at Caltex Sorell, we will test the alternator output and battery strength to ensure that your battery is supplying your car with the necessary power.

Bosch provide a 2 year guarantee to all of their new batteries and the life expectancy for these batteries is approximately 4 to 5 years.

A friendly tip from Caltex: Try and keep your vehicle sheltered during the winter months as batteries are like us – they don’t like the frost.