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SCA Long Life Red Coolant Concentrate 5 Litre


SCA Long Life Coolant Concentrate is a premium quality Red, Type A, Organic Acid Technology (OAT) coolant formulated to provide excellent long term protection for up to 7 years or 500,000km’s. SCA Long Life coolant provides superb protection against rust and corrosion, particularly ‘hot spot’ corrosion, common in aluminium cylinder heads. This coolant is safe to use with and won’t cause any damage to all types of metals, hoses and gaskets. Suitable for use in all vehicles where Type A, red OAT coolants are recommended. For best coolant performance, mix SCA Long Life coolant with demineralised water at a 50/50 mix.

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  • Premium quality organic acid technology (OAT) offers long life anti-freeze/anti-boil protection
  • Carboxylate technology coolant contains no silicates, borates, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates or amines
  • Red Type “A” concentrate mixes up to 10 Litres of coolant
  • Provides long life protection up to 7 year or 500,000kms
  • Offers excellent protection against ‘hot spot’ corrosion, common in aluminium cylinder heads
  • Suitable for use in vehicles types including automotive and heavy duty diesel applications
SCA Long Life Red Coolant Concentrate 5 Litre
Size 5 Litre
Colour Red
Type Type A Organic Acid Technology (OAT)
Premix/Concentrate 100% Concentrate
Mixing Ratio 33-50% By Volume
Temperature Range (50% Mix) Freeze -36.2°C, Boil 108.2°C


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Weight 5 kg