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Racer CJ8 Spark Plug (Box Of 10)


Racer CJ8 Spark Plug (Box Of 10)

Free Freight

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Racer CJ8 Spark Plug (Box Of 10)

Free Freight!!

Interchangeable with the following. Always compare the old spark plug with the new when replacing a spark plug to ensure the length is the same.

AC Delco 44L
AC Delco C45W
AC Delco C47W
AC Delco CS41
AC Delco CS42
AC Delco CS45
AC Delco CS49
Autolite 235
Autolite 254
Autolite 255
Autolite 258
Autolite 2995
Autolite 2996
Autolite XST255
Beru 14S-7E
Beru Z266
Bosch 0241225589
Bosch 0241225825
Bosch 0241229560
Bosch W175T
Bosch W230T30
Bosch WK145T1
Bosch WK175T1
Bosch WKA145T3
Bosch WS7E
Bosch WS8E
Bosch WS9EC
Bosch stk 7542
Bosch stk 7543
Brisk P17
Caterpillar 8F-6347
Caterpillar 8F6347
Champion CJ11
Champion HT10J
Champion J91
Champion JT8
Champion TJ8J

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