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Pro Strength Diesel System Extreme Clean 500ml



Nulon Pro-Strength additives are a high performance range of engine and fuel additives that utilise advanced additive technology formulated specifically to maintain reliability and increase performance. Nulon Pro-Strength Diesel Fuel System Extreme Clean is the ultimate in fuel system treatments, it provides excellent cleaning abilities and boosts diesel performance for all diesel engines.

Nulon Pro-Strength Diesel Fuel System Extreme Clean is formulated with the latest technology cleaning additives and detergents to break down and remove carbon deposits and contaminant build up from injectors, rails, combustion chambers and intake valves. A clean fuel system increases fuel delivery performance; restoring lost power while reducing emissions and exhaust smoke. Added lubricants protect fuel system components from excessive wear, extending component life. Nulon Pro-Strength Diesel Fuel System Cleaner also boosts combustion performance, reducing knocking and increasing power output. Corrosion inhibitors protect and flush out water contamination and prevent algae growth.

Nulon Pro-Strength Diesel Fuel System Extreme Clean is safe to use in all diesel engines including common rail injection and vehicles fitted with emissions devices such as Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). 1 bottle of Pro-Strength Diesel Fuel System Cleaner will treat up to 100L of fuel. Easy to use, simply add contents of bottle to fuel tank before refilling.

Cleans and lubricates entire fuel system in one tank
Boosts diesel combustion performance
Improves fuel economy
Removes water residue
Protects against corrosion and algae contamination
Treats up to 100L
Suitable for all modern diesel vehicles and bio-diesels
Use every 10,000KM for best results
OEM approved technology

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