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Nulon Stop Leak Engine Treatment – 300ml


Formulated to reduce oil leaks and exhaust smoke. Use this product if your car: leaks oil, blows blue smoke at start-up, blows smoke on take-off from traffic lights. Nulon Engine Stop Leak can also be used in gearboxes and differentials.

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Nulon Engine Stop Leak reduces annoying oil leaks in all petrol, diesel and LPG engines. Use this product if your car has any of the following symptoms: loses or leaks oil, blows blue smoke at start-up, on take-off after a period of idling at traffic lights, or when decelerating downhill.

NOTE: Can be used to control leaks in manual gearboxes and differentials.


  • Reduces oil leaks
  • Rejuvenates hardened or shrunken seals
  • Reduces exhaust smoke at start-up or on take-off
  • Reduces oil consumption & oil burning
  • Can save the expense of seal replacement
  • Reduces leaks in all types of gearboxes & differentials

Directions for use

Add 1 bottle for every 5 litres of engine oil. Shake bottle and add contents to engine oil. Idle engine for at least 1 minute. Use with every oil change. To reduce gearbox and diff oil leaks, add 60 ml per litre of oil.

NOTE: It may take 14 days or 500 km to achieve maximum benefits. Excessively worn or damaged seals may not respond and will require replacement.

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