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Nulon Radiator Flush And Clean – 300ml


Nulon Radiator Flush & Clean (R40) is a non-acidic, fast-acting, 20 minute cleaner that requires no-premixing. R40 reduces harmful sludge and scale from radiators and heater cores and cleans the entire cooling system safely.

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Nulon Radiator Flush & Clean (R40) is a non-acidic radiator and cooling system cleaner that effectively cleans in one simple 20-minute operation. Many similar products have to be left in the cooling system for several days, which creates the risk of the user either forgetting or extending the drain and flush time for reasons of convenience. The results can be detrimental and cause expensive, long-term damage to the cooling system and associated components. Nulon R40 overcomes this potential risk as the whole cleaning process is completed in one simple operation.

Recommended Uses

  • Use R40 as a complete cooling system flush to remove insulating built-up sludge and residue before changing coolant in any cooling system. This procedure will ensure optimum heat transfer and efficiency of the entire cooling system.
  • Whenever draining a cooling system, or changing brands of coolant, it is always recommended to clean the system with R40.
  • Use R40 before removing a radiator from a vehicle for reconditioning. Clean the entire system with R40 so when the radiator is reinstalled, the core will not be contaminated with scale and residue from the rest of the system.


  • Cleans fast in 20 minutes
  • Reduces overheating
  • Safe to use with all coolant types
  • No pre-mixing
  • Neutralises harmful acids
  • Reduces mineral scale and sludge

Directions for use

Note: Exercise caution when removing radiator caps. Release pressure slowly to avoid scalding.

  • Turn on the heater and add required amount of R40 to a warm radiator.
  • Run the engine for 20 minutes minimum (no longer than 1 hour). Stop the engine and allow it to cool.
  • Drain the system by removing the bottom radiator hose or opening the drain cock. Thoroughly flush and rinse out all old coolant. Replace the hose or close the drain cock.
  • Add Nulon R45 Ultra Cool corrosion inhibitor and clean, soft or demineralised water, or
  • Where specified, use anti-freeze/anti-boil coolant (such as Nulon Long Life Anti-Freeze/Anti-Boil).
  • Start the engine, check for leaks and top up as necessary.

Application Rates

  • All cars and light commercials – add 1 bottle
  • For trucks, tractors and large engines – add 1 bottle for every 6 litres (quarts) of cooling system capacity.

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