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Nulon Pro Strength Octane Booster 500ml


  • High performance formula boosts octane by up to 7 RON (70 points)
  • Increases peak performance and acceleration
  • Suitable for all 2 stroke and 4 stroke petrol engines
  • Eliminates pinging and detonation caused by low quality fuels
  • Safe to use with all catalytic converters and oxygen sensors


Nulon Pro-Strength additives are a high performance range of engine and fuel additives that utilise advanced additive technology formulated specifically to maintain reliability and increase performance.

Nulon Pro-Strength Octane Booster has been formulated specifically to provide increased power and performance for all EFI and carburetted 2 stroke and 4 stroke high performance engine. This product instantly boosts the octane rating of all types of petrol, and is safe to use with E10 ethanol and racing fuel. Nulon Pro-Strength Octane Booster will also help to eliminate pinging (detonation) when low quality or standard fuels are used. 1 bottle of Nulon Pro-Strength Octane Booster will treat up to 60L of fuel.

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