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Nulon G60 Auto Transmission Treatment – 300ml


Nulon Auto Transmission Treatment (G60) is the answer for auto problems.  Reduced oil leaks, improved valve and servo operation, smoother changes and reduced noise and wear are just some of the benefits.

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Nulon Auto Transmission Treatment is an advanced chemical formulation with PTFE that reduces wear and helps to extend the life of all auto transmissions. It provides additional anti-wear protection and helps prevent transmission fluid from overheating during extreme conditions such as heavy towing or hard 4×4 driving.


  • Extends auto transmission life
  • Reduces oil leaks
  • Rejuvenates worn & hardened seals
  • Improves valve operation
  • Provides smoother gear changes
  • Reduces noise & wear

Directions For Use

Cars use 1 full bottle. Trucks use 1 bottle for every 10 litres oil capacity. Shake well before use. With engine running and vehicle in park, add contents to transmission via dipstick tube or oil filler. Drive for approximately 5 minutes to circulate the product.

Repeat application with each oil change.

NOTE: If the transmission is due for a scheduled service, use the product after servicing for maximum benefit.

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