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Gulf Western Super Blue Grease 2.5KG


SUMMARY OF BENEFITS Super Blue Grease offers: FUNCTIONAL MULTI-PURPOSE grease for LOW and HIGH temperatures. It provides lubricating protection even for intermittent operation up to 200oC. Its ability to prevent scuffing and reduce wear under high load and shock load conditions, together with its excellent resistance to shear and high temperature operation, makes it preferred over other multi-purpose greases. SEALED FOR LIFE BEARINGS have assured long service life due to the exceptional oxidation, rust and corrosion resistance of SUPER BLUE GREASE. With extended service, it maintains its original consistency. It will not thicken as resists oxidation. It will not thin out because it is shear resistant. WATER RESISTANCE. Where water contamination or the water wash out contaminating influences cannot be avoided, even at elevated temperatures, effective lubrication is maintained because of the excellent resistance of SUPER BLUE GREASE to water wash out. In these situations it also protects against rusting and corrosion. ADHESIVE AND COHESIVE. SUPER BLUE GREASE resists “SQUEEZE OUT” from surfaces requiring lubrication under load conditions. Class: Lithium Complex

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DESCRIPTION A superior multi-purpose grease possessing excellent lubrication characteristics for a wide range of anti-friction and plain bearings, gears and couplings in automotive, marine, agricultural and industrial application. The extreme pressure and anti-wear properties enables the grease to give long service life under high loading and shock loading conditions from low temperature to very high temperature environments. These special characteristics of shear stability, combined with the inclusion of effective rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, and tackiness adhesive additives, ensure this grease is the preferred recommendation for sealed for life anti-friction bearings. Class: Lithium Complex

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