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Gulf Western Premium Energy 10W30 IL


SUMMARY OF BENEFITS Premium Energy offers: – Rapid oil flow at start up, minimizing engine wear. – Superior sludge and varnish control for a cleaner engine. – Reduces emissions for a cleaner environment. – Specifically designed for modern close tolerance engines Grade: API SN/ILSAC GF-5 Class: SAE 10w/30


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DESCRIPTION Premium Energy is a high performance, Energy Conserving, engine oil. It has been designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency and minimal engine wear, particularly at cold start ups and is formulated using the latest in API additive technology. Premium Energy is suitable for vehicles using Petrol, LPG, CNG and diesel fuels including light and moderately loaded diesel engines calling for a 10W-30. Premium Energy has been designed for use where the engine manufacturer recommends low viscosity oil such as a 10W-30 or a 7.5W-30. Premium Energy is suitable for most passenger cars manufactured from 1980 onwards calling for SN or earlier API grades. Premium Energy meets ILSAC GL-5 energy conserving specification. Grade: API SN/ILSAC GF-5 Class: SAE 10w/30

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