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Gulf Western ATF Syn Trans 4L


DESCRIPTION SYN-TS ATF is a fully synthetic ATF / Powershift Transmission fluid designed for automatic transmissions and power steering units working in the most extreme environments. This product is suitable for on road and off road vehicles, automotive cars, heavy vehicles and earthmoving applications calling for a technically advanced fluid. Suitable for extended drain intervals up to 150,000 km’s for general use and 80,000km’s for heavy duty applications. Fully synthetic ATF Fluid Grade: IIIG/IIIH Class: SAE 10


SUMMARY OF BENEFITS SYN-TS offers: – Reduced wear – Reduced friction – Mixable with mineral oils – High VI – Reduced temperatures – Decreased down tine – Extended drain intervals – Excellent shear stability – Minimal viscosity loss. Fully synthetic ATF Fluid Grade: IIIG/IIIH Class: SAE 10

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