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Chemtech Diesel Power 1L


Chemtech Diesel Power fuel additive has been specifically formulated to boost engine performance, improve fuel economy, clean injectors, reduce exhaust emissions, reduce engine corrosion, inhibit growth of algae and bacteria and improve fuel storage stability.

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Chemtech Diesel Power is a New & Improved
diesel fuel additive based on the latest
technology in additives and designed to meet
the requirements of new generation diesel
Cleans injectors and keeps them clean.
Improves diesel fuel stability (oxidation and
thermal stability) thus reducing the formation of
gums and insoluble deposits that block filters.
Handles water more effectively for greater
engine protection, by facilitating the break-up
of stable fuel-water emulsions.
Boosts engine performance – resulting in more
dependable power and acceleration.
Improves fuel economy.
Reduces exhaust emissions.
Engine corrosion protection.
Inhibits growth of algae and bacteria.
300ml treats up to 300 litres.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 27 × 13 × 5 cm