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Castrol Activ 4T 15W40 1L


Features & Benefits •Provides a protective film on engine parts in all conditions. •Significantly reduces engine wear during start-up and warm-up. •Improved engine cleanliness, promoting longer engine life. •Excellent wet clutch friction stability even in severe applications. •Enhanced gear wear protection for transmission gears. Specifications Exceeds JASO MA2, API SL

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Modern, high quality engine oil suitable for all makes of 4-stroke engines motorcycle engines, running on either lead replacement or unleaded fuel. Application Castrol Activ 4T is suitable for all street and off-road four-stroke motorcycles. Castrol Activ 4T employs the very latest Trizone Technology™ that gives optimum protection to the engine, clutch and gears even under the most arduous conditions, including sustained operations at high rpm.

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