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Caltex Havoline Ultra V 5W30 5L


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Havoline Ultra V

SAE 5W-30 Premium Synthetic Engine Oil For Modern European Vehicles

Enhanced performance, multigrade motor oil formulated from selected synthetic base fluids and high‑performance additive technology for use in certain passenger car and light truck gasoline and diesel engines. It is formulated with reduced levels of metals and the elements phosphorus and sulfur to provide maximum durability of the latest low emission vehicle technologies. It is optimised to provide effective engine protection plus performance.


  • Naturally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars and light trucks.
  • Low emission passenger car and light-duty vehicle engines fitted with latest catalytic converter (gasoline) or Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) technology.
  • Particularly suited for use in the latest Volkswagen and Audi gasoline and diesel engines.

Not recommended for use in gas-fuelled (CNG or LPG) engines, or in motorcycle engines.

Performance Standards

  • ACEA C3 (self-certified)
  • BMW Longlife-04 Oil (approved)
  • Mercedes Benz 229.31 (approved), 229.51 (approved)
  • Porsche oil category C30 (approved)
  • Volkswagen Standard 504 00 and 507 00 (approved)

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